Thursday, 21 October 2021
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Napoli presents a memorable collection

Napoli presents a memorable collection. The club of the Azzurri at the centre of an unforgettable history

Limited edition real heirlooms to be collected by the club’s authentic fans. 


 The 2012/2013 season team’s home jersey autographed by the squad, enriched by a prestigious handcrafted frame made of old-looking white or light blue wood. A picture characterized by a plexiglass windowpane that protects the football season’s jersey and the  festive photos. On the lower edge, an aluminium plaque bearing the SSC Napoli logo and the engraved notice “Game Jersey Signed 2012/2013” with the hologram number. 


The 2012/2013 autographed Ball by all the players inside a display cabinet, placed on a synthetic grass reproduction of the field with a engraved plaque “Autographed ball 2012/2013” and SSC Napoli official logo. On the rear, a notice reproduced with the transfer technique. Under the cabinet’s base, the certificate of authenticity with the hologram number.  




SSC Napoli official autographed plexiglass pennant with the notice “Autographed pennant Official Product” and SSC Napoli official logo reproduced with the transfer technique.  




 Napoli is the first Italian club that launches its own Limited Edition historical collection: something unique, original and handcrafted. 

SSC Napoli Memorabilia, authenticity and passion for the fans who keep Napoli in their heart.

Join history, reward yourself with an unforgettable collection.

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