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Juventus-Napoli 3-0

Juventus-Napoli 3-0

Juventus: Manninger, Caceres (38' st Zebina), Legrottaglie, Chiellini, Grosso (1' st Grygera), Salihamidzic, Felipe Melo, De Ceglie, Diego, Del Piero (40' st Immobile), Amauri. In hand Chimenti, Cannavaro, Giandonato, Rossi. Coach Ferrara

Napoli: Iezzo, Campagnaro (31' st Quagliarella), Rinaudo, Contini, Zuniga, Gargano, Cigarini, Dossena (15' st Hamsik), Datolo, Denis, Hoffer (17' st Maggio). In hand Gianello, Aronica, Cannavaro, Pazienza. Coach Mazzarri

Referee: Romeo from Verona
Scorers: 24' pt Diego, 32' st Del Piero, 37' st Del Piero rig.
Note: warn off De Ceglie, Cigarini. Sent off at the 36' st Contini (N) for doubble warning.

Turin - The Napoli goes out from the Italy Cup. The Juve wins 3-0 and arrives to the quarter finals. A risult out the orbit for what we've seen on field, the Blues've done battle, with enthusiasm, cgaracter and will. The match changes for a fatal episode. When the Juve wins 1-0, at half part of he second half, Hamsik kicks a dart far 20 metres: fantastic kick and ball on the crossbar that goes out. It could be 1-1 and could be another match. But it is the soccer. So it's happened. The Juve wins in 3D, Diego, Del Piero and again Del Piero on penalty score. For the Napoli there is a good performance and many positive indications. The Blues let the Italy Cup but on sunday there is the championship. The most fascinating adventure of the Mazzarri's warriors.

For the Napoli debut of the new arrived Dossena. They start with a kick of Zuniga, out. Aggressive Napoli, Juve then blocked. At the 10' Iezzo well opposes a scrum after a corner kick, then Del Piero scores but there is the offside . At the 13' free kick of Del Piero,out. At the 16' left kick of De Ceglie not correct.

At the 24' Juve goes on. Not very clear action, Datolo reamins on the groud because of clash,the referee lets to continue the game, the Juve doesn't kick out the ball and the action continues. De Ceglie for Salihamidzic who makes a cross, Zuniga rejects, Diego arrives and with a left kick scores: 1-0. At the  31'Del Piero in area turns and tries the kick, Iezzo well saves. At the 38' kick of Cigarini, high. The first half finishes.

In the second half the Napoli well start with a penetration Hoffer-Denis-Hoffer, the Austrian doesn't arrive to the deviation before Manninger. Mazzarri changes in view of the wide turnover. Hamsik and Maggio substitue for Dossena and Hoffer. At the 20' goalpost of Diego with a right kick. Then the magic of Hamsik: stopped  far more than 20 metres, the ball hits the crossbar. It could be a very important goal like that one of Quagliarella at Bergamo. It's a pity.

From the possible 1-1 to the 2-0. Breakaway Del Piero scores after a cross of Caceres. The match finishes with a penalty at the  37' because of a Contini's foul on Diego. The defender is sent off for doubble warning. Del Piero kicks the penalty and scores: 3-0. It finishes. The Napoli, o'er the result, can consider itself satisfied. On sanday there is again the championship, in the San Paolo' night against the Palermo.



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