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Napoli-Palermo 0-0

Napoli-Palermo 0-0

 Napoli: De Sanctis, Grava, Cannavaro, Rinaudo, Maggio, Gargano, Pazienza (40' st Cigarini), Aronica (17' st Dossena), Hamsik, Denis (34' st Hoffer), Quagliarella. In hand Iezzo, Contini, Zuniga, Bogliacino. Coach Mazzarri

Palermo: Sirigu, Cassani, Goian, Bovo, Balzaretti, Migliaccio, Nocerino, Bresciano, Simplicio, Cavani (34' st Budan), Miccoli (13' st Pastore). In hand Brichetto, Melinte, Bertolo, Blasi, Hernandez. Coach Rossi

Referee: Orsato di Schio
Note: at the 22' De Sanctis saves a penalty of Miccoli. Warn off  Rinaudo, De Sanctis, Cavani, Nocerino, Migliaccio, Bovo, Simplicio, Quagliarella. Before the match one minute of silence for the Haiti's tragedy.

Naples - It finishes 0-0 it's a match full of emotions. Napoli and Palermo play one of the best match of the season for its intensity, competitiveness and tactics. There are no goal but the Blues can be proud of this draw. The Napoli makes 13 useful results in the Mazzarri's Age and looks ahead with confiedence. For onr time the day bomeber is a goalkeeper: De Sanctis.  The pirate Morgan who wit his hook takes away a panalty of Miccoli and rejoices like for a goal. At that time the higher shout of the San Paolo arrives, it doesn't celebrate with a victory the first night of the 2010 but can be satisfied of the character of Blue Warriors. Go on, the 13 at Naples is lucky ...

The first time is like a dance. At the 2'  an header of Aronica: Sirigu saves. At the 7' Hamsik takes tha ball, aims the net, right kick in diagonal: out for a bit. At the 13' right kick of  Maggio, large. Then the first real break of the Palermo: Simplico for Cavani who kicks contrasted by Rinaudo in area. For the referee Orsato there is a foul from the blue defender: penalty. Protests, epiode with many doubts. The peanlty is kicked by Miccoli, De Sanctis guesses the corner and saves, on the reject Bresciano arrives and Morgan makes another great action. The San Paolo shouts: it remains 0-0.

On corner kick Miccoli again kicks in the net directly, great action but De Sanctis makes again a great bravery and rejects the ball near one centimetre from the net. In 2 minutes De Sanctis becomes the best on field. At the 33' the Napoli is near the goal with Denis who makes free himelf in area and kick with the right : Sirigu is ready and saves. At the 37' Sirigu again takes away a dangerous free kick of Gargano. At the 40' De Sanctis stops Cavani who goes towards the net, on the reject Simplicio doesn't see the net. Last action for the Blues: Quagliarella for Hamsik who makes a grazing cross for Denis, El Tanque doesn' t arrive for a bit. First half: 0-0.

In the second hafl the infernal rhytm falls down and the match looks like a battle. Just possible Quagliarella goes in area, doubble dribbling, very good Bovo to close. At the 3' Hamsik goes  in area, kick with the left and Sirigu saves. At the 4' right kick of Miccoli, not correct. Then it's a fight. The Napoli tires with the decisive attack, tries and the Palermo goes in breakaway. Live match until the end but there isn't the flash that lights up. The Napoli takes an hard draw and continues on the Mazzarri's wings. The longest consecutive series in the championship, 13 consecutive results. This's the Napoli, baby.


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